Is monitor lizard poisonous? Can they kill Human

Monitor Lizard is one of the big species of Lizard. Many different species of Monitor Lizard live in many different places of the world. They live in the forest and aquatic areas but are sometimes also seen near houses. They are shy and they are not interested in attacking you if you do not provoke.  They try to keep their distance from humans. They grow up to 7 meters. About 80 species of Monitor Lizard are recognized.

Monitor lizard

Is Monitor Lizard poisonous?

If we see the internal structure of Monitor Lizard they have Poison glands (Generally most the lizards have poison glands). If any animal has poison glands then, of course, they are poisonous or venomous. Monitor Lizard use their poison to kill small prey. The poison of Monitor Lizard can't kill big animals like Lion, Dear, Boar, and also humans. The animal is venomous so its bite will affect you and you may need to go to the nearest Hospital. A larger monitor lizard's bite can give heavy damage and damage can cause death to animals (except big animals like elephants, rhinos, hippos, etc) and Children. So it is better to keep your pet and child away from the monitor lizard. The effect of Monitor Lizard's Venom on children can be dangerous. The big monitor lizard-like Komodo Dragon is a deadly hunter and it can kill humans and many animals with a powerful jaw.

It is accepted and proven that Monitor Lizards have poison glands. The venom can be proteinous or non-proteinous. There are many species of Monitor Lizard and the effect of venom of different Monitor Lizard can be different.

Case 1 - A reptile rescuer from India uploaded a video on YouTube Channel DarSnake to prove that humans do not die after being bitten by Monitor Lizard. In that video, he showed that he was bitten by a Monitor Lizard during the rescue. He didn't die but the fatal effect was dangerous. He had pain, vomiting, Dizziness, toilet, etc. After being bitten by Monitor Lizard he went to the hospital and took treatment. According to him Monitor Lizard's venom is not deadly but causes a heavy effect.

Case 2 - A research paper published by two Indians Sanjay Vikrant and Balbir Singh Verma covered a case of 55 years old woman bitten by a Monitor Lizard (Varanus bengalensis) on the right leg while working on the farm. After 9 hours she was hospitalized and she was given polyvalent anti-snake venom (ASV). She showed improvement after the antivenom dose but after 72 hours of the bite, she got a cardiac arrest. After investigation found she had a kidney injury due to a bite. ( Note - we do not confirm this case. For more information read the research paper here - go to research paper)

Can they kill Human

There are about 80 species of Monitor Lizard are recognized and every species differ from each other by nature, size, and venom efficiency. Mostly every Monitor Lizard has a poisonous gland. In most of the bitting, the case has resulted not the death of humans by venom. The effect of venom can be very painful and dangerous but didn't receive any death news from Monitor Lizard Bitting. Many species are shy and they like to keep away from humans but sometimes accidentally enter the human territory. If you maintain distance from them they generally don't attack you unless you provoke them. If they bite you, you should go to the hospital immediately. The fatal effect of venom is low on humans but still, that is dangerous. That is rare that any Monitor Lizard bites humans because we both maintain distance from each other. In most cases, the human doesn't die from Monitor Lizard's venom but the big Monitor Lizard can give you heavy damage. Also, Monitor Lizard's venom can cause some serious health problems.

Case 1 - A 42-year-old Ronald Huff was killed and eaten by his pet monitor lizard. When cops entered his apartment they found him dead and his face and body parts are eaten by his pet lizard. According to the report before the death of the man 2-3 weeks ago, he was bitten by his pet monitor lizard and he died because of infection and then eaten by the pet. When cops entered the room they saw the monitor lizard was eating the owner.

Case 2 - A eighth-month-old girl was attacked by a monitor lizard. Her mother left her in the kitchen and went to the living room to attend to something. Monitor lizard attacked the baby girl and was trying to push her into the bushes. The baby was crying loudly and her mother came and free her daughter. The sharp teeth of the monitor lizard did a heavy injury to the baby's head. After this baby was taken to the hospital and she is fine now.

These two cases prove that sometimes Monitor Lizard can attack humans. Generally, they live in forest or water areas but sometimes they enter the human area in the search of food. There isn't any case of human death by monitor lizard's venom but the human has been attacked by this many times. So it is better to keep your distance from this type of creature and if you're bitten you should go to the nearest hospital as soon as possible without waiting for the symptoms. Of course, the fatal effect is lower in humans but you should take precautions.

Symptoms of Monitor Lizard Bite

1. Pain
2. Dizziness
3. Vomiting
4. Weakness
5. Headache etc

These are the common symptoms.

Conclusion -

Research has proved that Most monitor lizards have poison glands on their mouth and they are venomous but the effect of venom in humans is low in some cases seen that venom can do health issues and humans need to go to the hospital but it is a rare case of death by monitor lizard's poison. Sometimes they show aggressive nature and attack humans. If the monitor lizard is big like an adult Komodo Dragon then you should go away from that. Generally, they don't attack but we don't know their mood of them so it is better to be safe.

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